Need help about: DIELHLUQOTA TOUS OURANOUS.. (Hebr 4,14)

Date: Mon Feb 23 1998 - 08:32:56 EST

In Heb 4,14 the author speaks about the ARXIEREA MEGA DIELHLUQOTA TOUS
What does it mean?
a) The ascension of Christ (i.e. also the ressurection?)
b) His entrance in the heavenly temple as ARXIEREUS - through the curtain, for
the atonement of the world.
c) His incarnation (descendit de coelis...)
d) A plain statement about the Dignity of Christ: Christ is more important
than any other heavenly creature
e) ....

Any suggestions from the wise people on this list?
A quick answer would be very helpful, becaus I have to preach about this text
next sunday.

Thank you very much!

Christoph Klaiber, Pastor
United Methodist Church Weissach
Germany (sorry for mistakes in my English)


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