Re: N/G/D/A/V sacred order

From: Steven Cox (
Date: Wed Feb 18 1998 - 09:41:27 EST

        Hello Karl
        What sequence does JACT use?
        Most textbooks for German and Slavonic languages seem
        to use N(V)/A/G/D/...

        Pedagogically what would be the best sequence for teaching


At 22:41 98/02/17 EST, wrote:
>The JACT is the Joint Assoc. of Classics Teachers, of the UK (and
>commonwealth, I think). Although they list cases in an odd way and not in
>the N/G/D/A/V sacred order (sacred because my Latin Prof. said it was)
>they have produced a very fine set of course materials, one of which is
>"Reading Greek".

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