Re: concatenation of genitives

From: Carlton Winbery (
Date: Mon Mar 02 1998 - 08:56:57 EST

Clayton wrote;
>Blass-Debrunner-Funk #168 and Zerwick #47 both lay down a general rule about
>multiple genitives. ". . .when several genitives follow one another, each
>commonly depends upon the preceding one." I find the word "depend" confusing,
>what they are saying is that each genitive limits or modifies the preceding
>genitive. Both BDF and Zerwick consider 2 Cor 4:4 an example that follows this
>rule. Zerwick admits their are exceptions, e.g. 2 Cor 3:18, "where the
>genitive is without the article and depends on a preposition."
>However, the various English renderings of 2 Cor 4:4 cited by Richard Young
>(Interm. NT Greek, p24) are evidence that this rule may not apply to even to
>this passage.
I always appreciate Clayton's posts and his research. I would agree with
the statements about genitives following one another. Each modifies the
preceding genitive. I do not consider 2 Cor 3:18 to be an exception to
this because of the preposition. Regularly when a preposition is used the
modifier of the "object" of the preposition is placed between the
preposition and its object. The rule in BDF applies to genitives that
follow each other without prepositions.

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