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Date: Mon Mar 02 1998 - 19:31:27 EST

I'm not sure how you are interpreting the tone of my message. Jeffrey is
MUCH better educated than I am, which is why I am asking him to expand. How
did you read this?


At 03:52 PM 3/2/98 -0800, Cooper Greg wrote:
>Gee.....when **you** want deference you can be total passive. When
>else doesn't seem to meet your standards or education (whether you know
>they do or not!!!) you sure come across as mega asshole. An interesting
>manipulation of personality.
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>>At 03:52 PM 3/2/98 -0600, Jeffrey Gibson wrote:
>>>Two places. Try the TDNT. And also Robert Jewett's _Paul's
>>>Anthropological Terms_. Bultmann's discussion is, alas, while wonderful
>>>to read, biased towards Heidegger.
>>An intriguing statement that needs to be expanded for the vast majority of
>>humans, who are less educated than Jeffrey, I'm afraid, including me. Can
>>you tell me what Bultmann and Heidegger have to say on this, and why you
>>prefer a different approach?
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