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From: Jonathan Robie (
Date: Mon Mar 02 1998 - 19:53:42 EST

At 06:30 PM 3/2/98 -0600, Jeffrey Gibson wrote:
>> An intriguing statement that needs to be expanded for the vast majority of
>> humans, who are less educated than Jeffrey, I'm afraid, including me. Can
>> you tell me what Bultmann and Heidegger have to say on this, and why you
>> prefer a different approach?
>You flatter me. At least I think you do. Was there a twinkle in your eye
>when you wrote the above?
No, not at all. Though the names are familiar to me, I have read only a
little Heidegger, and even less Bultmann. I'm aware that lots of people on
this list are probably very familiar with both, and that maybe I should be,
but I figured I was probably in good company when I didn't know what you
were saying.

Thanks for the explanation!

Texcel Research

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