From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Wed Mar 04 1998 - 10:16:35 EST

At 9:24 AM -0500 3/4/98, John Reece wrote:
>I need to find out (and have only an old LSJ as a resource) whether or
>not ENTOS was ever used in any extra-biblical literature in the sense of
>"among" or "in the midst of" a plural number of entities. Any response
>on or off list will be greatly appreciated.
>A click on my URL below will quickly reveal the reason for my question.
>And if anyone would like to counter the direction in which I am inclined
>in the exegesis therein, an effective way to do so would be to find and
>send me a cititation of any use of ENTOS in extra-biblical literature in
>the sense indicated above. I am trying to avoid being guilty of
>selective use of evidence (or any other exegetical fallacy).

I just did a check of the Perseus LSJ on ENTOS and find it regularly used
with a partititive genitive of the boundaries within which X is located,
including in particular TEICEWN (walls), LOGISMWN (calculations), hEAUTOU
(our Lucan passage), MAQHMATWN (learning), GRAMMATWN (literature). Most of
these are not instances of a group of persons, so that I don't know that it
would be the normal way to say "among" or "amongst" (if you prefer), but to
be very precise about the sense of a partititive genitive, I'd think it not
terribly different from EPI + genitive = "somewhere on the surface of x" --
so ENTOS + genitive = "at some point within the boundaries of x." Don't
know if this helps.

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