Again -- great buy on Lexicon!

From: Edward Hobbs (
Date: Tue Mar 03 1998 - 18:09:12 EST


If you still don't own the Liddell-Scott-Jones-McKenzie-Glare _Greek-
English Lexicon_, and do any work outside the New Testament (especially,
of course, classical and earlier Hellenistic texts), Oxford has once
again made a great offer. Their "WINTER SALE" catalog offers it
for $100, plus $4 shipping! About 2500 pages, two giant, fine-print
columns on every page; with Glare's new Supplement, and every word
in the Supplement is starred in the main lexicon.

If this were priced proportionately to the cost of Bauer-AGD, it would
be over a thousand dollars. A gold-mine at your fingertips.

Item 211. 1-800-230-3242 is their toll-free line for ordering.

Edward Hobbs

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