Re: Again -- great buy on Lexicon!

From: Steven Cox (
Date: Wed Mar 04 1998 - 14:01:27 EST

        Thanks for the tip Edward :-)

        But those outside US be warned - if you fax an order
        to 1-919-677-1303, OUP may helpfully get you out of bed
        at 2.00am to tell you that you should either use the form in
        the centre of their catalogue, or must ring them up during
        office hours with the credit card details you've just
        faxed them....
        Back to bed :-|

At 18:09 98/03/03 -0500, Edward Hobbs wrote:
>If you still don't own the Liddell-Scott-Jones-McKenzie-Glare _Greek-
>English Lexicon_, and do any work outside the New Testament (especially,
>of course, classical and earlier Hellenistic texts), Oxford has once
>again made a great offer. Their "WINTER SALE" catalog offers it
>for $100, plus $4 shipping! About 2500 pages, two giant, fine-print
>columns on every page; with Glare's new Supplement, and every word
>in the Supplement is starred in the main lexicon.
>If this were priced proportionately to the cost of Bauer-AGD, it would
>be over a thousand dollars. A gold-mine at your fingertips.
>Item 211. 1-800-230-3242 is their toll-free line for ordering.
>Edward Hobbs

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