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From: Dale M. Wheeler (
Date: Wed Mar 04 1998 - 19:16:54 EST

Jonathan Robie wrote:

>I just tried these using the Gramcord search engine in Bible Companion,
>which uses the same database as Accordance, though the release dates on the
>database I used may be different from yours, so a few things may have been
>changed here and there. Also, the search engines are different on the two
>So my results basically agree with the Accordance results, but not exactly.

The differences in results between Accordance (GRAMCORD for the MAC) and
Bible Companion/GRAMCORD for Windows is "probably" not due to differences in
the database (since I'm the editor of the current GRAMCORD database, and I
supply them to both sets of programmers, it should be the same; the current
one is version 5.1), but rather most likely due (I believe) to the way that
the two search engines handle "Alternate" readings, ie., ambiguous forms of
verbs, like 2pl Pres Ind and Impv, which formally look the same and are
sometimes contextually ambiguous. If I'm not mistaken, Accordance does not
by default search the alternates and Bible Companion does, thus the higher
numbers for Bible Companion searches when compared with Accordance searches.
There are hundreds of these in the GRAMCORD database (not just for verbs,
but for many parts of speech).

As to the differences between the GRAMCORD products and the Friberg database
used by BibleWorks, I think that Randy Leedy's and Wes William's posts
those issues. The differences between the Friberg and the GRAMCORD databases
has been know for a long time; for those of you who are somewhat new to the
original language software programs, you might want to check out Prof. Harry
Hahne's discussion of the differences between the two can
get there easily from the line on the GRAMCORD web page (


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