Re: "Jerusalems" of John 1:19 and "Heavens"

From: Theodore H. Mann (
Date: Wed Mar 04 1998 - 18:51:23 EST

        I seem to remember hearing that "heaven," in the OT and NT was
viewed as being compartmentalized (e.g., Paul's mention of the "third
heaven). Is it possible that this partly accounts for the use of the

Dr. Theodore "Ted" H. Mann
Orchard Lake, Michigan

On Wed, 04 Mar 1998 08:50:27 +1100 George Athas <>
writes (snipped and edited):

>....Also, the Hebrew word for "Heaven" or "Sky" is also dual,hence the
plural usage in the Greek. This has generally been
>attributed to the ancient notion of the sky being that which separated
water below and water above (Gen 1:7). In fact, the Hebrew word for
water is
>mayim also dual and a consituent part of the word for "Heaven."

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