Re: Rom 5:12 Death spread... because all sinned - How?

From: VikingComm (
Date: Thu Mar 05 1998 - 00:57:32 EST

Carl, and others,
This gets into an area that has disturbed me for some time, and it is a very
old question. Christ (or at least the NT) states that no one is saved except
through Christ. Yet in the Trinity Christ, the Father and the Holy Spirit
are/have always been/will be one. That plus your comments on Father Abraham
(and Elijah) who were seen speaking with Christ and thus resurrected, seem to
give a way for Jews who do best to follow Law and spirit thereof a la Good
Samaritan example, to be included in salvation, without express declaration of
faith in Jesus (since Father is also Jesus, etc.). The Greek doesn't help me,
this is more a theology issue (or dogma), but perhaps you have discovered
clues in your study. If so, please refer me to related passages (and others
who may have insight in this). After all Jews have been through, it seems
that a Jew who tenaciously retains faith should be deserving of at least a
guest pass (not that any of us are without problems in the "deserving" area;
I am hoping to find evidence forgiveness and grace - without which I for one
would have a need for air conditioning in the hereafter - a sort of "back
door" to John 14:6, Mark 16:16; perhaps Acts 2:21?

Any thoughts to share?

Best Wishes,

Karl Schulte

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