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Date: Wed Mar 04 1998 - 15:25:25 EST

Fivefree wrote:
> For my own benefit, do you think this statement is accurate?
> Inerrantists ~generally~ are Byzantine text people and Alexandrian text people
> are ~generally~ not?
> Please, please, puhlease!!!! no arguing. Only a yea or a nay.
> JM Jackson

I agree with Jonathan. I can think of a host of what you call "Inerrantists"
who have no particular affection for either the KJV or the Byzantine text,
which are seperate issues. Also I think one should ask who are most likely to
be blindly devoted to the New Textus Receptus (NA26/UBS3).

And while we are clearing the air on this issue, why is it that one cannot
procure a decent critical text of the NT that isn't over a hundred years old?
And BTW, one cannot procure that one either (Tischendorf). I have been trying.

Slightly off subject, does anyone have a reprint of Henry Alfords Greek
Testament (all the volumes) they don't want?

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