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Date: Thu Mar 05 1998 - 17:03:53 EST

Dear friends in Christ,

We've been corresponding, about the possibility of my teaching for you
sometime. So I'm sending you this copy of my HINTS letter, to let you
know when I'm free, and to inform you of my new address.

I have not added you to my bimonthly mailing list. If you would like to
receive my letters, please tell me so.

                             HINTS International
                             a charitable trust for
                      Help In New Testament Study
                Rev. John R. Werner, PhD, Chairman

                                        306 Woodcrest Dr.
                                        Richardson, TX 75080-1946
                                        Fax: (972)250-4960
                                        MARCH 5, 1998

                   You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.
                                --Matthew 16:16, NIV

Would you believe? There are people who deny that Jesus is both Israels
Messiah and Gods Son. Yet they call themselves Christian scholars!
They call themselves the Jesus Seminar. Its only the latest in a line
of efforts to sell a historical Jesus. Each such historical Jesus
has been shaped to the shapers liking.

And alas, such scholarly wisdom has reached Korea, too. Thats why
Westminster Graduate School of Theology, in Seoul, has asked us to teach
on Jesus, Divine Messiah. (I recommend the fine book of that title by
Dr. Robert Reymond.) were to teach there March 16-26.

The daytime group is to be about 120 students; the evening group,
about 80. Please ask God to make the truth plain to the students. Then
they, in turn, can make it plain to their people.

The fax number there is (011 from USA)82-2-885-1023.

I thank the Lord, and those who gave extra, to enable us to go to
Zaporozhye, Ukraine. (Not Russia, as I mistakenly wrote in December.)
Greater Europe Mission had invited us to teach there Feb. 9-20. But the
HINTS board have declined the invitation. We felt the travel cost, plus
the $2200 GEM demanded, was too much for only two weeks. Maybe later,
for a longer term. Im glad Im here: getting ready for Korea has taken
more time than Id planned.

Meanwhile, weve been called to teach again in Kiev, Ukraine, next
January to April. The same school in which we taught in the fall of
1995. But now they have their own campus. And a masters-degree
program. Were to teach those students second-stage Greek and how to
study Gods Word in the Greek.

This time, weve been asked to pay my apartment rent (now about
$130/month plus utilities). And whatever meals I dont eat at the

Also, were e-mailing with a seminary in Odessa, Ukraine. They may want
us to teach Greek and the use of Greek in New Testament study. For four
months. When, we dont yet know.

And, Ive told schools in Romania and Poland we could come to them.
Please keep on asking God to match the needs with our ability, in Him, to
meet them. Hes a great people placer! Have Greek, will travel.

And were still planning on Gideon Theological College, Khartoum, Sudan,
September to November of this year.

Helens Keystone Academy expects to start building in March. Theyre to
add six classrooms, a gym and a swimming pool. Helen is looking for at
least three more teachers for the coming school year. (972/250-4455, fax
-4960; <>.)

We thank God for the love He has given you. You love Him, you love the
people near you, you love His kingdom--and you love us! Thank you.

Jim VanHeyningen, a commercial artist, has helped prepare a folder about
HINTS. If you want a copy, please email me your snailmail address.

sent anything to the old address, "jwerner" etc., it cannot be retrieved.
 So please re-send it to the new address. But when I'm out of the
country, you'll do better to address me c/o Helen's office,
<>. She can forward it to whatever friend lets me use
his e-service. Also, you may want to keep that address on file as an

May Jesus, the Christ, the Son of the living God, daily encourage you as
you live for Him, trusting Him.

                                        Your fellowservant, John

Rev. John R. Werner
missionary professor
supported thru HINTS International
John R. Edwards, Treasurer
7916 Anchor St.
Frisco, TX 75035-6339 HINTS has IRS OK as a 501(c)(3)
(972)712-1017 All contributions are tax

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