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At 05:03 PM 3/5/98 EST, you wrote:
>Dear friends in Christ,
>We've been corresponding, about the possibility of my teaching for you
>sometime. So I'm sending you this copy of my HINTS letter, to let you
>know when I'm free, and to inform you of my new address.
>I have not added you to my bimonthly mailing list. If you would like to
>receive my letters, please tell me so.
> HINTS International
> a charitable trust for
> Help In New Testament Study
> Rev. John R. Werner, PhD, Chairman
> 306 Woodcrest Dr.
> Richardson, TX 75080-1946
> (972)783-9418
> Fax: (972)250-4960
> MARCH 5, 1998
> You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.
> --Matthew 16:16, NIV
>Would you believe? There are people who deny that Jesus is both Israels
>Messiah and Gods Son. Yet they call themselves Christian scholars!
>They call themselves the Jesus Seminar. Its only the latest in a line
>of efforts to sell a historical Jesus. Each such historical Jesus
>has been shaped to the shapers liking.
>And alas, such scholarly wisdom has reached Korea, too. Thats why
>Westminster Graduate School of Theology, in Seoul, has asked us to teach
>on Jesus, Divine Messiah. (I recommend the fine book of that title by
>Dr. Robert Reymond.) were to teach there March 16-26.
>The daytime group is to be about 120 students; the evening group,
>about 80. Please ask God to make the truth plain to the students. Then
>they, in turn, can make it plain to their people.
>The fax number there is (011 from USA)82-2-885-1023.
>I thank the Lord, and those who gave extra, to enable us to go to
>Zaporozhye, Ukraine. (Not Russia, as I mistakenly wrote in December.)
>Greater Europe Mission had invited us to teach there Feb. 9-20. But the
>HINTS board have declined the invitation. We felt the travel cost, plus
>the $2200 GEM demanded, was too much for only two weeks. Maybe later,
>for a longer term. Im glad Im here: getting ready for Korea has taken
>more time than Id planned.
>Meanwhile, weve been called to teach again in Kiev, Ukraine, next
>January to April. The same school in which we taught in the fall of
>1995. But now they have their own campus. And a masters-degree
>program. Were to teach those students second-stage Greek and how to
>study Gods Word in the Greek.
>This time, weve been asked to pay my apartment rent (now about
>$130/month plus utilities). And whatever meals I dont eat at the
>Also, were e-mailing with a seminary in Odessa, Ukraine. They may want
>us to teach Greek and the use of Greek in New Testament study. For four
>months. When, we dont yet know.
>And, Ive told schools in Romania and Poland we could come to them.
>Please keep on asking God to match the needs with our ability, in Him, to
>meet them. Hes a great people placer! Have Greek, will travel.
>And were still planning on Gideon Theological College, Khartoum, Sudan,
>September to November of this year.
>Helens Keystone Academy expects to start building in March. Theyre to
>add six classrooms, a gym and a swimming pool. Helen is looking for at
>least three more teachers for the coming school year. (972/250-4455, fax
>-4960; <>.)
>We thank God for the love He has given you. You love Him, you love the
>people near you, you love His kingdom--and you love us! Thank you.
>Jim VanHeyningen, a commercial artist, has helped prepare a folder about
>HINTS. If you want a copy, please email me your snailmail address.
>sent anything to the old address, "jwerner" etc., it cannot be retrieved.
> So please re-send it to the new address. But when I'm out of the
>country, you'll do better to address me c/o Helen's office,
><>. She can forward it to whatever friend lets me use
>his e-service. Also, you may want to keep that address on file as an
>May Jesus, the Christ, the Son of the living God, daily encourage you as
>you live for Him, trusting Him.
> Your fellowservant, John
>Rev. John R. Werner
>missionary professor
>supported thru HINTS International
>John R. Edwards, Treasurer
>7916 Anchor St.
>Frisco, TX 75035-6339 HINTS has IRS OK as a 501(c)(3)
>(972)712-1017 All contributions are tax
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