Re: John 2:20, Rev 11:1 - NAOS and BAGD

From: George Athas (
Date: Thu Mar 05 1998 - 17:21:23 EST

Wes, I believe Rev 11:1-2 is meant to redefine the concept of "Temple"
as a place where God lives. The imagery draws heavily on Daniel and
Ezekiel, but it is a composite image that is created which has a vastly
different agenda to that of Daniel or Ezekiel. As such, it appears as if
John is using the Jerusalem temple as a symbol or model around which the
new notion of temple is built. Thus, in essence, Rev 11:1-2 is not about
the Jerusalem temple at all, but about the notion of God's elect people,
separate and distinct from the world, as constituting God's Temple in
whom he dwells. I can see why NAOS has been categorised under the
Jerusalem temple here, but it is incorrect. The notion of temple here is
abstract without bricks and mortar or specific physical geographical

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