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Edgar Foster wrote:

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> I tend to associate the NAOS of Rev. 3:12; 11:1-4, 19 with a heavenly sanctuary type arrangement, David Aune notes: "The reference here [in Rev. 3:12] is neither to the actual temple nor to the Christian community, but rather to the heavenly temple, and is a metaphor for eschatological salvation" (Revelation, David Aune, Word Biblical Commentary, Vol, 52A, p. 241)

Edgar,I beg to differ a little. I understand the gist of what you are saying, but I would propose that in Rev 11:1-2, the Christian community is the temple in mind. For, remember, the two witnesses prophecy, are killed, then ascend into Heaven. As such, in this case, a heavenly temple is not really congruent with the story. The idea comes from Ezekiel in which God tells Ezekiel to measure the temple
(symbolic of God's people), but to exclude "the foreigners uncircumcised in heart and flesh" (Ezek 44:5-9). A similar thing is happening here, but in a New Testament-Christian context.

As for John 2:20, I doubt Jesus is referring to a heavenly temple again. It is clear that the "temple" is his own body, and by implication, also signifies the people of God and the making of a new covenant.

If you have any other thoughts, Edgar, or perhaps seen something I've missed, I'd be happy to hear from you.

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