Re: John 2:20, Rev 11:1 - NAOS and BAGD

From: George Athas (
Date: Fri Mar 06 1998 - 00:04:33 EST

Hi Edgar!

I understand your perspective on the NAOS issue, but just a quick comment on one thing you said:

> [...] As opposed to your view, I picture the two witnesses worshipping EN hO NAOS instead of being hO NAOS. Rev. 11:1 supports this.

The two ideas that you juxtapose here aren't necessarily mutually exclusive. John is told to measure the temple, its altar, and TOUS PROSKUNOUNTAS EN AUTW (those who worship in it). The temple here symbolises the church and those who worship in it are its members. The one without the other has no meaning. It is kind
of like saying "How big is the QE2? It's sailing to Britian." Your answer could be the length of the boat, or the number of the crew. By "QE2" you can mean the ship itself, or its crew for without ship or crew, no one would be sailing anything to anywhere. Thus, the two witnesses are IN the church, but they also ARE
the church. The church is one definable body, but which is made up of many members, each of them known to God.

What is your interpretation of the temple in Rev 11, Edgar? I'd be most interested to hear it.

> Take Care George,

Thanks Edgar! Ditto to you!--
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