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Date: Wed Mar 11 1998 - 15:59:33 EST

clayton stirling bartholomew <> wrote:
> Edward L. Pothier wrote:
> > In the Introduction to the UBS4 there is the explanation:
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> > TESTAMENT (London: United Bible Societies, 1971)
> Edward,
> I noticed that you are using UBS4 with the first edition of Bruce
> Metzger's TEXTUAL COMMENTARY. In light of Steve Cox's request I am
> wondering if you could tell us how well this works. I can't address
> the topic because I don't have UBS4.
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       It is true that I am using the first edition of Metzger's
_Textual Commentary_ (which was designed to be used with the third
edition of the UBSGNT) as well as the *fourth* edition of the UBSGNT,
i.e. UBS4. Since I only have an amateur need/interest in these
matters, I haven't felt it necessary to get the revised Metzger. If I
came across one at a real bargain price at one of the four-times a year
"walk-in" sales at CBD, I'd probably buy it.

       The combination (UBS4 with first edition Metzger Textual
Commentary) still seems useful to me, although real "professionals"
might not. As I understand it from the UBS4 introduction, the actual
text presented has not changed from UBS3. The critical apparatus has.
The ABCD "evaluation of the evidence for the text", i.e. the relative
certainty of the editors, also has changed, as well as a slightly
different "definition" of what they mean by ABCD.

       For the passages, Mt 27:16-17, about "[Jesus] Barabbas" there
did not seem to any change so I felt OK about my using mixed editions.
There is, however, the need to be careful, but I would not "throw
away" my Metzger 1st edition.

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