Re: Matthew 27:17 (Metzger's Commentary)

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Date: Wed Mar 11 1998 - 08:30:18 EST

Edward L. Pothier wrote:

> It is true that I am using the first edition of Metzger's
> _Textual Commentary_ (which was designed to be used with the third
> edition of the UBSGNT) as well as the *fourth* edition of the UBSGNT,
> i.e. UBS4. Since I only have an amateur need/interest in these
> matters, I haven't felt it necessary to get the revised Metzger. If I
> came across one at a real bargain price at one of the four-times a year
> "walk-in" sales at CBD, I'd probably buy it.

I agree with you totally.

The reason I asked was because Steven Cox was having a hard time finding this
and I wanted to know if it would be reasonable to recommend purchasing a used
first edition. Apparently CBD has the second edition in stock.

There are a number of people out there who think that the must have the latest
edition of everything and they pay outrageous prices for the newest this and
the newest that when they have a perfectly good edition sitting in their

Just for example I have both the first and second edition of Gingrich (and
Danker) "A Shorter Lexicon." I use the second edition in my office and the
first edition sits by my computer. I have only stumbled upon one substantial
difference between these editions after using them both for six years.

Thanks for your reply.

Clayton Stirling Bartholomew
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