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>╩Question: Regarding the words EIS TO ONOMA TOU patroV kai tou uiou kai
>╩tou agiou pneumatoV, does this mean that the Father, the Son, and the
>╩Holy Ghost have ONE NAME by which they are to be called?


 The disciples baptised first in John 4:2 in Jesus' stead; therefore, they
 baptised people "in the name of Jesus": i.e. on His behalf.

 Peter in Acts 2:38 continued to baptise "in the name of Jesus" by force of
 habit (IMHO). Paul also baptised "in the name of Jesus" when he came across
 some former disciples of John the Baptiser in Ephesus (Acts 19:5). But
 gradually, the church conformed to our Lord's Trinitarian formula in
 Matthew 28:19.

 This is not to prejudge the question of the authorship and date of Matthew,
 the "church" Gospel.

 Today there are some Christian denominations who insist on "Jesus' name"
 baptism, as opposed to "Trinity-formula" baptism. Let them do as they wish;
 both are in Scripture. There is a church near where I used to live where
 they baptise "in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy
 Spirit, and in the Name of Jesus".

 There's belt-and-braces theology for you.

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