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> I'd like to raise a point that Ben Crick, among others, often reminds
> us of. That is, our text has an OT background. These men in the upper
> room are men of the Old Testament. Could it be that the pouring out of
> the cup of the New Testament is an allusion the the liturgical pouring
> out of the blood of the Old Testament at the base of the altar ( Ex.
> 29:12; Lev. 4:7,18,25,30,34)?

 Hi John!

 I would like to agree with you; but in fact Luke's account of the Institution
 of the Lord's Supper makes it clear that the Cup in verse 20 is the Cup
 of Blessing, "Blessed be He, and blessed be his Name": the Third Cup of the
 Seder, META TO DEIPNHSAI. It follows the final course of the Passover meal,
 the Afikomen or EPIKOMION, when the Matsahs are broken into pieces, dipped
 in the Haroseth or bitter herbs, and eaten.

 LEGWN, ktl: giving the Afikomen an entirely new significance.

 This IMHO is where we should look for the OT background. Jesus was speaking
 futuristically about his blood being spilt; it had not yet been spilt at the
 time he was speaking. Compare the "prophetic perfects" in Isaiah 53, where
 Isaiah prophesies the sacrifice of the coming Servant in terms as if it had
 already taken place. The next day, Christ's blood was spilt: before, during,
 and after his crucifixion. The wine in the POTHRION represented his blood,
 about to be shed as an expiation for sins. It stained the woodwork of the
 cross, as the Passover blood stained the doorposts and lintels of the
 Hebrew dwellings at the original Passover.

 The Lord's Supper commemorates the Passover, not the Levitical sacrifices
 for sin. "Christ our Passover is sacrificed for us, therefore let us keep
 the feast" (1 Corinthians 5:7-8). So we're looking at Exodus 12:3-13.

 Thanks for raising this issue.

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