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Date: Fri Mar 06 1998 - 08:54:31 EST


Thanks for the note. I don't think "what are you doing AS YOU UNTIE
the colt?" really fits. The alternative, simpler, expression that I'm
saying would fit the context would be (DIA) TI LUETE TON PWLON?, "Why
are you untying the colt?" BDF call the ptcp in this verse
supplementary rather than circumstantial, so I don't think they are
taking it your way, either.

Randy Leedy

>>> "Peter Phillips" <> 3/6/98,
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I wonder whether this construction is all that strange in Koine -
surely it
is simply "what are you doing as you untie the colt?" - the
pointing to an uncompleted action concurrent with the finite verb -
how else
would we expect the Greek to be phrased?

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