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Date: Fri Mar 13 1998 - 12:28:18 EST

Hello Rich,

Quoting Edgar Foster, you wrote

>>This appears to be saying that Paul and Timothy would share their faith WITH Philemon
and others.<<

Then you wrote:

>>Indeed it does put a different spin on things! Yes, this is an interesting translation
and does seem to work grammatically. However, I don't think
that it works contextually.<<

I don't think that this translation works contextually either. It is of interest
to note that Today's English Version also renders Phil. 6: "My prayer is that OUR
fellowship WITH YOU as believers." This translation does not seem to fit the context,
however, of Phil. 6.

>>Verses 4, 5, and 7 all have a very strong emphasis on SOU. I also believe that
SOU is intended to be emphatic in verse 6.<<

I agree here too. SOU seems emphatic in vv. 4, 5, 7. Would you also include v. 14
in these examples as well?

TO AGAQON SOU hE ALLA KATA hEKOUSION-"That YOUR good deed may be voluntary" (Cf.

>>In addition to this the
above translation still takes the prepositional phrase as being
supplementary to hOPWS GENHTAI expressing purpose... which I don't buy as of yet.<<

You may be correct, although I don't see much difference in rendering it "I pray
that the sharing of your faith may become effective" (RSV).

>>Yes, I agree that stressing the verbal PISTEWS in this particular context is a
stretch. If you take PISTEWS as objective, then the
translation would be "My prayer is that the sharing OF your faith might be effective".
  In this case the emphasis of Paul's prayer is
a bit more upon the faith that is being shared and a bit less on Philemon as the
one possessing the faith to share with. This certainly
works. I guess that I prefer subjective because of the fact that Paul is preparing
to ask a rather BIG favor in which Philemon will
need to be exercising his faith in a big way(subjectively).

>Rich Lindeman

In my next e-mail, I, would like to present an outline about why I reject the Great
Commission sketch or the subjective gentive proposal.


Edgar Foster
Classical Languages Major

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