Re: Philemon 6

Date: Wed Mar 18 1998 - 11:13:46 EST

Richard Lindeman wrote:
> My currently proposed translation for Philemon 6 is:
> "My prayer is that the partnership (we have) of your faith might be
> effective in the knowledge of every good thing we have in(to) Christ"

> "in order that our fellowship of faith with you may be effective in
> understanding every blessing which is ours in Christ".

The thematic unity of ENERGHS, EPIGNWSEI, and EIS provide the key to
this passage.

ENERGEIS is an increasing [of effectiveness]

EPIGNWSEI is an increasing [of knowledge, based on knowledge already

EIS is an increasing [of us in Christ], otherwise Paul would have used
the word EN

Thus it is Philemon's sharing/fellowship of faith that is to benefit
[become more effective] in additional knowledge [EPI-] of all good
that is in us as we grow into Christ. The Greek elegantly enfolds
several paragraphs per cogent word in this passage.

An interesting aside is that s2 replaces KOINWNIA with DIAKONIA, which
would make the effectiveness of Philemon's service, rather than his
fellowship, the beneficiary of increase.

George Blaisdell

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