re: Philemon 6

From: Richard Lindeman (
Date: Tue Mar 17 1998 - 17:36:21 EST

My currently proposed translation for Philemon 6 is:

"My prayer is that the partnership (we have) of your faith might be
effective in the knowledge of every good thing we have in(to) Christ"

Isn't it strange? Having worked hard to get this far (and as enthusiastic
as I am for it), yet it ends up being nothing new at all, but rather quite
close to the translation originally proposed by Louw-Nida which I had
originally rejected. There may not be anything new under the sun, but at
least it is new for me! :-) The Louw-Nida translation is as follows:

"in order that our fellowship of faith with you may be effective in
understanding every blessing which is ours in Christ".

I first rejected this translation on the grounds that it deviated from the
emphatic use of SOU in the surrounding verses. I believe that my proposed
translation above solves this problem and clearly leaves THS PISTEWS SOU as
being emphatic. In contrast to this, Louw-Nida seems to have KOINWNIA
PISTEWS (HMWN) as being emphatic. Another difference between these two
translations is that Louw-Nida seems to take the prepositional phrase EN
EPIGNWSEI PANTOS AGAQOU as expressing purpose... where my translation
above leaves it up to the reader as to whether this phrase expresses purpose
or means. A third difference is that I prefer the use of "partnership" in
my translation where Louw-Nida uses the word "fellowship". I believe that
people today probably understand the concept of partnership more clearly
than they might understand the concept of fellowship... and both terms can
still be understood dynamically.


Rich Lindeman

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