Re: Proffessor [sic] Blackwelder and participles

From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Sun Mar 15 1998 - 14:21:42 EST

At 11:06 AM -0600 3/15/98, wrote:
>lakr wrote:
>> Paul Kaufman says in 'An introductory Grammar of New Testament Greek'
>> "Another construction which is common in the New Testament (especially
>> in John's Gospel) is PISTEUW with EIS and the accusative case ...
>> The whole construction of EIS plus the accusative must be translated
>> rather than attempting to translate the prepostion EIS as an isolated
>> word. Faith is thought of as an _activity_, as something men do, i.e.
>> putting paith into someone"
>Hello Larry ~
>Faith is most certainly an activity, and the EIS plus accusative gives
>it direction. The prototype is found in the opening of John: KAI hO
>LOGOS HN PROS TON QEON, where PROS is a powerful vector of force of
>direction of action that resulted in the Logos creating the KOSMOS!!

I must protest this view of PROS with the verb HN; I can't see this
construction as having any force other than indicating relationship, being
in the presence of. The accusative is not the object of a force here but
simply clarifies the reference of the preposition PROS. There may be
theological implications enough in that by itself, but I think it's a
mistake to see more in this phrase than what it says.

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