Re: Proffessor [sic] Blackwelder and participles

Date: Sun Mar 15 1998 - 17:41:28 EST

Carl W. Conrad wrote:

> I must protest this view of PROS with the verb HN; I can't see this
> construction as having any force other than indicating relationship, being
> in the presence of. The accusative is not the object of a force here but
> simply clarifies the reference of the preposition PROS. There may be
> theological implications enough in that by itself, but I think it's a
> mistake to see more in this phrase than what it says.

Hi Carl ~

Well, we'll probably end up agreeing to disagree on this one too ~ The
problem for me is the simple fact that PROS is a directional
preposition, thus carrying the 'vector' implication in the
accusative. Aristotle's catagory of Relation, however, would tend to
support your view, being termed PROS TI.


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