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From: Richard Lindeman (
Date: Thu Mar 19 1998 - 19:23:42 EST

Dr Wheeler graciously writes:
>I think I may be the cause of this, since I unconciously assumed that
>when I used Aktionsart everyone would know what I meant...I'm really
>sorry, that was very condescending of me, but I assure you that it was
>NOT intentional !! As a teacher I should know better !!!

Rolf Furuli graciously writes:
>As I see it, there is much truth in your observations. However, looking at
>the text of the NT from the right viewpoint you may see that Aktionsart is
>not what is flawed, but rather (the definitions of) aspect.

Note to self... I must remember to actually read up on the latest literature
in a major area of discipline before challenging its validity in B-Greek.
Perhaps the subject of Aktionsart has grown up a bit beyond what I have read
of it in the raft of older grammars I have read. Mea culpa... please accept
my apologies on this.

James Ware writes:
>Robertson (835), speaking of the "efective"
>aorist, says "But the idea is that emphasis is laid on the end of the
>action as opposed to the beginning (ingressive). This is done (if done)
>by the verb itself (Aktionsart). . . So then in the case of each aorist
>the point to note is whether it is merely punctiliar (constative) or
>whether the verb-idea has deflected it to the one side or the other
>(ingressive or effective)."

Dr Wheeler writes:
>STATES (no change; unbounded; durative)
>Actions (change)
>ACTIVITIES (change; unbounded; durative)
>Performances (change; bounded)
>ACCOMPLISHMENTS (change; bounded; durative; prefaced)
>Achievements (change; bounded; non-durative)
>CLIMAXES (change; bounded; prefaced; non-durative)
>PUNCTUALS (change; bounded; non-prefaced; non-durative)

Rolf Furuli writes:
>(1) states +static +durative -telic "love Peter"
>(2) Activity -static +durative -telic "walk in the garden"
>(3) Accomplishment -static +durative +telic "build a house"
>(5) Achievement -static -durative +telic "reach the top"
>(6) Semelfactive -static -durative -telic "knock"

Note to self: Aha! It seems that we have grown beyond A.T. Robertson.
Aktionsart is no longer seen as merely an inherent type of action contained
within the verb... But rather it is now seen also as an interplay between
what is going on inside the verb and its most immediate contexts. The study
of Aktionsart has grown into an accepted and established modern discipline .

Note to self: Don't be so cheap. Buy and read the book. This too will be
assimilated. Resistance is futile.

Thanks to all the respondents to my query. Your answers are great. I still
have some questions... but I think I will read the book first before asking


Rich Lindeman

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