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Richard Lindeman wrote:
> Note to self... I must remember to actually read up on the latest literature
> in a major area of discipline before challenging its validity in B-Greek.
> Perhaps the subject of Aktionsart has grown up a bit beyond what I have read
> of it in the raft of older grammars I have read. Mea culpa... please accept
> my apologies on this....
> ...Note to self: Don't be so cheap. Buy and read the book. This too will be
> assimilated. Resistance is futile.

I would like to second Rich's 'Notes to self' regarding Moi!! I took
a 25 year nap from Greek and am reading the Bible for the very first
time... And this Aktionstat business is frustrating to me. Sorry for
my errorgance. :) :)

I would like to ask for a sales job here... By way of an example ~

Romans 8:30 ~ OUS DE PROWRISEN etc.

My old way simply notes that PROWRISEN is aorist indicative active
[3rd person singular], and that therefore it is a past-future abstract
'tense', which then translates these words as "yet whom He
preselects..." [I'm told this passage sits at the bottom of
controversy ~ I have NO agenda here!!] We do not have an English
'form' for this classic aorist, so we simply have to put it in the
indefinite present, which includes past and future 'preselections',
without 'looking at' [a-horizw] any one of them, but 'seeing' them
abstractly. [Monty Python would have a field day with this particular
example via the root congruence of aorist and preselects!!]

Now my question is ~

How does the Aktionsart approach help or instruct or contradict this

I am humbly anticipating resenting my future expenditures of time and
money in learning Aktionsart that your good responses will very likely
engender!!.... AND ... I thank you in advance of them.

George Blaisdell

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