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From: Perry L. Stepp (
Date: Wed Mar 25 1998 - 12:26:28 EST

I have a technical TLG question. And I'm not certain I have enough
information to even ask the question in a cogent (to say nothing of
answerable) way. I'm a Windows person--I don't know much about these
commie Mac's.

At Baylor, we have the TLG set up on a server. The individual Mac's in the
lab can access it through Hypercard and (I believe) Pandora, working
together (?). Am I correct in thinking that I'm using these two programs

I use TLG/Pandora/Hypercard to generate searches, which I export in .rtf
files. I send these to MS-Word and print them out. But here's the
problem: Pandora supports several fonts. The only one I have easy access
to is Kadmos. It's *ugly* and hard to read--when I'm generating 100+ page
searches, I need a font that I can read quickly and easily. Is it possible
that I'm not using the font properly? Or is Kadmos just an ugly font?

I know there are several other fonts that the program supports, but I don't
know what they are or where to get them. Does anyone know?

Has anyone found a way to generate *readable* printouts from the TLG?

Rubbing my eyes in disgust,

Perry L. Stepp

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