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From: Daniel Ria–o (
Date: Thu Mar 26 1998 - 08:59:14 EST

>I have a technical TLG question. And I'm not certain I have enough
>information to even ask the question in a cogent (to say nothing of
>answerable) way. I'm a Windows person--I don't know much about these
>commie Mac's.
>At Baylor, we have the TLG set up on a server. The individual Mac's in the
>lab can access it through Hypercard and (I believe) Pandora, working
>together (?). Am I correct in thinking that I'm using these two programs

Strange as it can sound, as you look how Pandora works in your computer,
the only real application running is HyperCard, Pandora being just a
*document* generated and used by HyperCard. It is therefore indispensable
to have HyperCard (or the HyperCard player) in your computer to use
Pandora. If you double click Pandora, the Mac will find HC wherever it is
in the computer, launch it and start using it.
>I use TLG/Pandora/Hypercard to generate searches, which I export in .rtf
>files. I send these to MS-Word and print them out. But here's the
>problem: Pandora supports several fonts. The only one I have easy access
>to is Kadmos. It's *ugly* and hard to read--when I'm generating 100+ page
>searches, I need a font that I can read quickly and easily. Is it possible
>that I'm not using the font properly? Or is Kadmos just an ugly font?

Kadmos is very nice and elegant once printed (it's used by several German
journals of Philology and it looks very limpid) but there are much better
fonts to read Greek text on the screen. Before changing the font, check
this possibilities:
        b) It may happen that you have not installed the bit fonts of
Kadmos. Do install it, at least in the sizes 9 to 18 points, if you want
the screen resolution to improve greatly.
        c) Reversely, it may happen that you have not installed the PS
version of the fonts, and you have only the chunky bitmap fonts in your
system. In such case *Do* install the PS file. Otherwise the screen
appearance will be ugly at any resolution different from the bitmap sizes
you installed, ant the printed version will look even more ugly
        d) It may happen that you don't have the last Adobe rasterizer
(ATM) The last version is distributed free with all Macintosh.
        If you still don't like the font, then you can purchase some font
of the SMK family (Athenian, Attika, etc) of any font from Linguist's
Software. Both work perfectly with Pandora, but the fonts belonging to one
family are incompatible with those of the other family, because of a
different keyboard layout. (NB Kadmos belong to the SMK-keyboard design
family, but belongs to a commercial firm different from the owner of the
above mentioned fonts)

>I know there are several other fonts that the program supports, but I don't
>know what they are or where to get them. Does anyone know?

Try the APA Web page.

>Has anyone found a way to generate *readable* printouts from the TLG?

Pandora does it, in small chunks. Type a very high number in the "Export
characters" field of the TOC sections and then choose "Export citations
with text" for every text you want to export. Unfortunately, there's a
limit to the bytes you can export in such way, so that even if you enter
one million chars, Pandora will only export around 45000 characters. Your
local HyperCard guru will tell you the way to export whole works with some
small changes in Pandora (the best of Pandora is you can accomodate to your
needings in many ways --but you must try to think like a Mac person for a
while :-))
"SNS Greek" and "Lexis" are both Mac commercial programs that can export
whole works in a few seconds and very ellegantly indeed.
Another shareware program called Transcribe (at the SIL server) does a
poorer job, but you can use it as your last option. Just remember the
limitations to the use of the TLG texts that come with the license.
        Daniel (the proud author of a book of Mac applications to Classical
Philology to appear soon)

Daniel Rian~o Rufilanchas
c. Santa Engracia 52, 7 dcha.

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