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On Fri, 27 Mar 1998 07:51:39 -0600 (CST), James P. Ware wrote:

> She is therefore interested in
> pursuing a program at a seminary or divinity school concentrating heavily
> on the Biblical Languages. If anyone knows of programs which would be
> especially suitable for her, I would greatly appreciate it if you could
> share this information with me (whether off-list or on).

The Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, CA, offers an MA in
Biblical Languages. The program is designed as a preparation for PhD
work in biblical studies, but might be what your student is looking for
as well. She can check out the school by linking to A concise description of the MABL follows:

The Master of Arts in Biblical Languages (M.A.B.L.) is designed
especially for highly qualified persons planning to pursue doctoral
studies in biblical studies. The program is also well suited to persons
desiring a terminal degree with a concentration in the biblical
languages and a firm background in biblical studies. Applicants will be
reviewed in terms of their readiness for this highly specialized
program, and, unless highly qualified, may be admitted instead to Area
1 (Old and New Testament Studies) of the Common M.A.

The admission requirements for the M.A.B.L. parallel those of the GTU
Common M.A. with the added stipulation that prospective students are
expected to have semester length introductory courses in both Old and
New Testament studies prior to entry. In the absence of these courses,
persons may be admitted but required to extend their program by the
addition of these two three¤unit courses.

Sixteen three unit courses are required, distributed as follows:

1. Course work in Biblical Languages (18 units total) 12 units in one
biblical language (Biblical Hebrew or Greek), 6 units in the other.
Students with previous language work may achieve advanced standing in
order to move into more advanced language instruction or to enroll in
other coursework.

2. Course work in Biblical Studies (18 units, at the Intermediate and
Advanced Levels). Coursework should be distributed across at least two
of the three major blocks of literature in each Testament (Law,
Writings, Prophets; Gospels and Acts; Pauline Writings, Johannine
Literature and General Epistles); and should include at least two
seminar courses that require major research essays.

3. Course work outside of Biblical Studies (12 units), normally from
Areas 2, 3 and 4 in the GTU. Students entering with significant
background in theology at the undergraduate or graduate levels may
enroll in collateral disciplines offering integrative possibilities
with biblical studies (e.g., philosophical hermeneutics, social
sciences, rhetoric, et al.)

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