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>On Fri, 27 Mar 1998 07:51:39 -0600 (CST), James P. Ware wrote:
>> She is therefore interested in
>> pursuing a program at a seminary or divinity school concentrating
>> on the Biblical Languages. If anyone knows of programs which would
>> especially suitable for her, I would greatly appreciate it if you
>> share this information with me (whether off-list or on).
>The Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, CA, offers an MA in
>Biblical Languages. The program is designed as a preparation for PhD
>work in biblical studies, but might be what your student is looking
>as well. She can check out the school by linking to
> A concise description of the MABL follows:
>The Master of Arts in Biblical Languages (M.A.B.L.) is designed
>especially for highly qualified persons planning to pursue doctoral
>studies in biblical studies. The program is also well suited to
>desiring a terminal degree with a concentration in the biblical
>languages and a firm background in biblical studies. Applicants will
>reviewed in terms of their readiness for this highly specialized
>program, and, unless highly qualified, may be admitted instead to Area
>1 (Old and New Testament Studies) of the Common M.A.
>The admission requirements for the M.A.B.L. parallel those of the GTU
>Common M.A. with the added stipulation that prospective students are
>expected to have semester length introductory courses in both Old and
>New Testament studies prior to entry. In the absence of these courses,
>persons may be admitted but required to extend their program by the
>addition of these two three=A4unit courses.
>Sixteen three unit courses are required, distributed as follows:
>1. Course work in Biblical Languages (18 units total) 12 units in one
>biblical language (Biblical Hebrew or Greek), 6 units in the other.
>Students with previous language work may achieve advanced standing in
>order to move into more advanced language instruction or to enroll in
>other coursework.
>2. Course work in Biblical Studies (18 units, at the Intermediate and
>Advanced Levels). Coursework should be distributed across at least two
>of the three major blocks of literature in each Testament (Law,
>Writings, Prophets; Gospels and Acts; Pauline Writings, Johannine
>Literature and General Epistles); and should include at least two
>seminar courses that require major research essays.
>3. Course work outside of Biblical Studies (12 units), normally from
>Areas 2, 3 and 4 in the GTU. Students entering with significant
>background in theology at the undergraduate or graduate levels may
>enroll in collateral disciplines offering integrative possibilities
>with biblical studies (e.g., philosophical hermeneutics, social
>sciences, rhetoric, et al.)
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Dallas Theological Seminary offers both a Th.M. in Bible translation and
M.A. in Biblical Exegesis and Linguistics. Both degrees require a
portion of credits to be completed at the Summer Institute of Linguistics
in Dallas. A catalog of degree programs can be obtained by calling

Ed Komoszewski

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