Re: MT/LXX DataBase

From: clayton stirling bartholomew (
Date: Sat Mar 28 1998 - 05:39:15 EST

MikeBzley wrote:

> Sword Searcher includes two Textus Receptus modules, and its structure allows
> one to create notes sets - I have been able to crossload parts of the
> University of Pennsylvania ccat parallel MT/LXX (the URL of which I seem to
> have lost) as a note set to the OT, cross referenced to quotations in the NT -
> a very useful tool.

The URL for this at the University of Pennsylvania site is:


Attention!! all you Windows 95 people. Are you using the MT/LXX database? If
so how are you viewing it? Do you have it set up as a database. I am trying to
answer questions from several sources about this database, particularly how to
use it on a Windows 95 platform. Any information you could give me (off list
please) would be quite helpful.


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