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Date: Mon Mar 30 1998 - 11:43:05 EST

Here's the blurb on the BIBLE list from the list's FAQ (Incidentally, if
you're not quite sure you want to subscribe to it, you can get the FAQ
prior to subscribing by sending the command:
        INFO BIBLE
(That's exactly what I just did to get the present information):

                A. DESCRIPTION OF THE LIST

BIBLE is an electronic conference designed to provide a forum for anyone
interested in learning to study the Bible. Anyone interested in studying the
Bible together is invited to subscribe, but the list will assume that the
participants consider the Bible authoritative. Experts and professionals
are welcome to provide wisdom and insight, but those interested in an
exclusively academic approach to Bible study should join either the
GREEK >>(Biblical Greek) list or the B-HEBREW (Biblical Hebrew)lists.

Subscription to this conference is open to anyone interested.

                B. HOW TO SUBSCRIBE

You may subscribe by sending an e-mail message to


 with the following request as the text of the message:


 If you want to subscribe to only a digested version of the list, then give
the command


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