From: Mark Goodacre (GOODACMS@m4-arts.bham.ac.uk)
Date: Mon Mar 30 1998 - 11:41:48 EST

Jeffrey Gibson wrote:

>I suggest, therefore, that we have a brief thread in which the
>names, subscription info, and basic approach/content of these lists
>are made available to members of B-Greek. And would it be possible
>to include something like this in the B-Greek FAQ?

Carl Conrad responded:

>Excellent idea, Jeffrey. I'll check into some of this information
>about the most relevant lists such as Crosstalk, Ioudaios-L,
>Elenchus-L, Bible, Synoptic-L, etc.

I have gathered together information on several of these on my
homepage, with references, where available, to the web archive of
each list (Synoptic-L, B-Greek, Crosstalk, Ioudaios-L, Acts-L,
Graphai, TC-List, Religio-L):


The references here reflect my own interests, so I am sure
that there are a good number of E-lists not covered there.

Elenchus does not have a web-page advertising itself, but is
accessible on Reference.Com at


I hope that this helps.


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