Re: The Climax of DOXA

Date: Mon Mar 30 1998 - 01:25:40 EST

Edgar Foster wrote:
> Ben Crick wrote:
> Questioning1 wrote>>The one aspect of the account thats giving me
> trouble, however, is John 21:15ff. There Peter is told to
> follow Jesus and is further informed that he will die a death which
> results in the GLORIFICATION of God. How are we to view this
> part of John's Gospel vis-a'-vis the thematic strand of DOXA?<<
> >>Dear Edgar,

> >>Jesus' prophecy about Peter's death is a future,
> not an imperative; although if Christ prophesies something, we know it
> will happen!<<
> While Jesus' words are clearly prophetic and will unfailingly come
> true, I still think they could also be read (lingustically) as
> imperatival. I draw this conclusion from Jesus' words: "follow me."
> Follow in this context seems to be used in a specific
> manner, not in an abstract sense. Thus, Peter will follow Jesus by
> dying a death akin to Christ's. While Jesus is therefore
> predicting a martyr's death for Peter, he is also presenting a
> propositio to Peter which requires a decision. By extension, this
> propositio of willingness to suffer and die for Christ are set before
> every genuine Christian as well (1 Pet. 4:14-16).

Perhaps one way to approach this issue would be to ask a simple

Why did Jesus say this to Peter? e.g. What is accomplished by telling
him this future event?

I will duck trying to answer it ~ I ask better questions than answer


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