Re: "The Climax of DOXA" thread

From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Mon Mar 30 1998 - 09:26:54 EST

At 8:16 AM -0600 3/30/98, Jeffrey Gibson wrote:
>On Mon, 30 Mar 1998, Carl W. Conrad wrote:
>> For these reasons then, let's avoid discussion of authorship and
>> historical-critical approaches to the larger Biblical text. There are other
>> forums for that. This forum is for discussion of specific Biblical Greek
>> texts and the Biblical Greek language.
>Since, as you have noted, many of those who have been participating in the
>DOXA thread may be new to the list, it is not only the bounds of B-Greek
>which they may not know. They may also be unaware of the other lists of
>which you speak. So it might be helpful to have a list posted here of the
>forums which do indeed discuss such topics as authorship, text criticism,
>historical-critical approaces, etc.
>I suggest, therefore, that we have a brief thread in which the names,
>subscription info, and basic approach/content of these lists are made
>available to members of B-Greek. And would it be possible to include
>something like this in the B-Greek FAQ?

Excellent idea, Jeffrey. I'll check into some of this information about the
most relevant lists such as Crosstalk, Ioudaios-L, Elenchus-L, Bible,
Synoptic-L, etc.

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