Re: "The Climax of DOXA" thread

From: Edgar Foster (
Date: Mon Mar 30 1998 - 10:41:11 EST

---"Carl W. Conrad" wrote:

> I'm glad you asked ;-) Inasmuch as this thread has run smoothly and
> courteously without upsetting anybody who has expressed him/herself
> about it, I haven't really wanted to intervene to shut it off. But
the fact
> of the matter is that from the initial query with this header, the
> discussion has really been outside the guidelines set forth in the

I appreciate your gracious handling of the issue concerning this
thread, Carl. I just have one question I would like cleared up.

As you know, in recent years there has been a co-mingling of GNT
Interpretation and Linguistics. In exegeting texts, one employs
Discourse Analysis (thus both thematic development and strand are used
to help the reader or exegete enhance their understanding of a
partcicular text). My initial query was a desire to understand how
John 21:18, 19 fits in with the Johannine subtheme of DOXA. True, I
could have probably worded it differently, but I was working at the
text from a DC approach.

Just so I understand you correctly, there should be no attempts to
discern the "big picture" on this list?


E. Foster

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