Re: "The Climax of DOXA" thread

Date: Mon Mar 30 1998 - 11:18:35 EST

Edgar Foster wrote:

> I appreciate your gracious handling of the issue concerning this
> thread, Carl. I just have one question I would like cleared up.
> As you know, in recent years there has been a co-mingling of GNT
> Interpretation and Linguistics. In exegeting texts, one employs
> Discourse Analysis (thus both thematic development and strand are used
> to help the reader or exegete enhance their understanding of a
> partcicular text). My initial query was a desire to understand how
> John 21:18, 19 fits in with the Johannine subtheme of DOXA. True, I
> could have probably worded it differently, but I was working at the
> text from a DC approach.
> Just so I understand you correctly, there should be no attempts to
> discern the "big picture" on this list?

This issue feels slippery. For instance, I have been wanting to ask
about the order of introduction of terms as they relate to context
building in John 1:1-18. But the problem is, how can that be done
without back-dooring theological perspectives and then bogging down in
their 'proofs'? Likewise with Discourse Ananysis. I have started
praying for Carl, I can tell you that!! :-) He is the best man I
could imagine for the task of moderating this list, and if he is for
any reason even just a tad uncomfortable with a thread, I, for one,
will do backflips through flaming hoops to get off that thread!! [
:-) ~ I just noticed the pun of 'flaming' ~ !!! ]


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