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From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Thu Apr 02 1998 - 09:59:56 EST

At 6:42 PM -0600 4/1/98, Ward Powers wrote:
>At 10:49 98/04/01 -0600, Carl Conrad wrote:
>>Another word that sometimes confuses people in NT is hUIOS/hUIEUS: these
>>are respectively 2nd declension and 3rd declension forms of the same noun
>>for "son." hUIOS is declined like any other -OS noun of the 2nd, but hUIEUS
>>is declined like GRAFEUS or BASILEUS. I think we often find hUIOS in the
>>gospels, but the apostle Paul in the letters tends to use hUIEUS not
>Actually, Carl, you are right about this being confusing. I looked up my
>copy of Clapp and Fribergs, and found hUIOS, no trouble, 377 NT
>occurrences, in all sections of the NT; but no reference to the existence
>of a hUIEUS at all. Is there a major error in this expensive and extensive
>volume which Carl's research has uncovered? It looks like it. My problem,
>though: I have been reading the GNT for quite a few years, and I have
>absolutely no recollection of EVER encountering an instance of hUIEUS. Have
>I been THAT careless in my reading all these years?
>Great puzzlement and, yes, confusion, at this end.
>Then I noticed the date on your post, Carl: April 1. Congratulations. Got
>me, for one, drawn right in. I fell in as deep as it goes.

You'd like to believe I was that clever, would you? Sorry, but the best I
could muster yesterday morning was the bit about BARYMORON in another post.

The fact of the matter is that hUIEUS is a form of hUIOS found only in
Attic dialect, for all practical purposes, rather commonly in Homer. I was
thinking that I'd seen it in a Pauline text or two, but I must have been
thinking of some other word that is heteroclitic like that. You are quite
right, Ward, hUIOS in the 2nd or O declension is the only form of this noun
found in the NT.

With head hung down in shame,

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