Re: Silly Greek Questions?

From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Thu Apr 02 1998 - 11:24:46 EST

At 12:58 PM -0600 4/2/98, Larry Ingram wrote:
>I hope this is appropriate? I am a Christian who is an exJW. For the
>10 years I have been involved in a part-time ministry to the "cults".
>This has been primarily with Jehovah's Witnesses. A lot of the
>discussions and writings have involved Koine Greek. Although I have
>Greek for one year in a seminary setting, I am obviously very amateurish
>in its usage. Just recently a Jehovah's Witness published a book called
>"Defending Jehovah's Witnesses...". Several web sites and discussions
>have come up regarding the Greek used in the book.
>Is it appropriate to take this type of arguement to this forum. If I
>were to do this one sentence at a time, could we address my concerns?

I'd say: it IS appropriate to argue the legitimate interpretation of the
Greek text of particular passages; it is NOT appropriate to argue for or
against a JW faith-stance as such. However, you're well aware that several
of the key passages have indeed been subject to intense discussion in this
forum, that earlier discussions are posted on the web site and easily found
by using the search engines, and it's worth pointing out that one or more
of those discussions have been terminated because they either became
endlessly repetitive or issued into flame wars. I think that any particular
passage you want to bring up for discussion of the Greek is probably best
brought up without any reference to controversies surrounding it. The Greek
text ought to stand on its own, and if there are any real ambiguities in
the Greek text, that too is something to be noted on the occasion. Does
this seem reasonable.?

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