Re: Silly Greek Questions?

From: David Haeuser (
Date: Fri Apr 03 1998 - 16:17:31 EST

>> Is it equally legitimate to put the comma after SHMERON, or is this usual
>> break up more likely to be correct?
>> I hope it is kosher for me to say that the people who want the comma
>> SHMERON, seem to have theological, not grammatical reasons.
>> David McKay
>All punctuation is secondary. Therefore, all punctuation is tendentious
>and tenuous and theological.

Well, all word division is also secondary, isn't it? Does that make all word
division also "tendentious and tenuous and theological"? It seems to me that
most of the punctuation in the GNT editions we use are none of the three,
but simply a help in seeing at a glance the implicit structure of the
paragraph or sentence. At the same time it is not part of the original text,
so that scholars can disagree at times about where a comma should be placed,
whether a particular sentence is a question or a statement, etc.

David Haeuser
Lima, Peru


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