1 John 1,1

From: gat (gat@dom.vr.pl)
Date: Thu Apr 02 1998 - 14:35:57 EST

In 1 John 1,1 there is a very interesting change of tenses:
hO AKHKOAMEN (perf.) - what we have heard
hO EWRAKAMEN (perf.) TOIS OFQALMOIS hHMWN - what we have seen with our eyes

and then it changes to aorist:

hO EQEASAMEQA (aor.) - what we looked at
KAI hAI XEIRES hHMWN EYHLAFHSAN (aor.) - and touched with our hands

Why is the change of tenses? One could simply say that John speaks twice
about the same thing (have seen, looked at) and just for a change he is
using once perf. and once aor. tense. Is it significant or it doesn't

Any comments?

Gregor P. Turkanik
student of Biblical Studies
at Christian Academy of Theology
in Warsaw, Poland
e-mail: gat@dom.vr.pl

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