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Date: Fri Apr 03 1998 - 12:04:56 EST

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>Jim ~
>This terminology is a bit stumbling for me. Are you saying that the
>perfect refers to a particular event [that did happen] and that the
>aorist refers to an historical series of events that arose as a
>consequence of that [durative, perfect] event[s]?

No. I am saying that when the perfect is used here it signifies a past
event with present implications. Totally separate from that is the aorist,
which is used to denote a real historical "once upon a time" event.

>Is the effect
>parallel to the statement? "He saw [perfect] this event, and therefore
>he sees [historical(?) aorist] it every day [yesterday, today, and

No. The author is simply, as my translation attempted to show, that not
only has Jesus influenced his life, but that he was a real person as well
and not as the gnostics suggested, a phantom.

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