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Date: Sat Apr 04 1998 - 06:56:28 EST

At 6:24 PM -0600 4/4/98, Paul Zellmer wrote:
>Now that I have solved the computer problems at my end and the list has
>also been brought back up, I can apologize for failing to acknowledge
>your responses to my questions of several weeks ago. Thanks to all for
>the insights in Jude.
>In James 1:3, I have a word order question on which I hope some of you
>will comment. The phrase TO DOKIMION hUMWN THS PISTEWS seems to tie
>the possessive pronoun with the testing. Yet each of the English
>translations I've consulted causes it to modify the faith. If this
>were the case, would it not fall between the definite article and the
>noun PISTEWS? What am I missing here?

I'm at home and the more important grammatical helps are at the office, but
one thought that occurs to me is this: the first- and second-person
singular pronouns have both enclitic forms (MOU, SOU) that follow upon the
noun with which they construe and accented forms (EMO=U, SO=U) that are
emphatic and that normally PRECEDE the noun with which they construe. I
think it may be that this differentiation of placement before or after the
noun indicates the same differentiation between emphasis and non-emphasis
in those other personal pronouns that don't have the enclitic forms. This
is just guesswork, but I'll consult a grammar as soon as I get the chance
and see what else I can find out.

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