Word order in James 1:3

From: Paul Zellmer (zellmer@isabela.faith.edu.ph)
Date: Sat Apr 04 1998 - 19:24:58 EST

Now that I have solved the computer problems at my end and the list has
also been brought back up, I can apologize for failing to acknowledge
your responses to my questions of several weeks ago. Thanks to all for
the insights in Jude.

In James 1:3, I have a word order question on which I hope some of you
will comment. The phrase TO DOKIMION hUMWN THS PISTEWS seems to tie
the possessive pronoun with the testing. Yet each of the English
translations I've consulted causes it to modify the faith. If this
were the case, would it not fall between the definite article and the
noun PISTEWS? What am I missing here?



Paul and Dee Zellmer, Jimmy Guingab, Geoffrey Beltran
Ibanag Translation Project
Cabagan, Philippines


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