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Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 - 06:55:43 EDT

Paul and Carl,

On James 1:3, BDF (263.2) follows Deissmann by reading DOKIMIOS = DOKIMOS. BDF
calls this a neuter singular adjective used as an abstract with a dependent
genitive. Joseph B. Mayor (James, 1910) disagrees with Diessmann on this.
Mayor joins hUMWN with THS PISTEWS. J. E. Huther (Meyer's Handbook) makes the
intriguing remark that THS PISTEWS could be omitted from this text (as in B(3)
81 Syr.) without changing the sense at all. If I am reading BDF, Deissmann and
Huther correctly, they all consider hUMWN to belong with TO DOKIMION. As far
as the word order goes. It appears that the word order would allow hUMWN to be
connected with either substantive.

I have no opinions on this. I thought these comments might help confuse
matters a little bit.

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