Question on Luke 1:45 cf Heb. 4:3

From: Robert W. Meyers (
Date: Wed Apr 08 1998 - 09:55:45 EDT

My question is about the aorist participle in both verses for "believed."

Doesn't each verse refer to "snapshot" occurrence of belief at some
point in the past?

That is, could Luke 1:45, in itself, be a subtle hint that Mary exercised
at the annunciation, but she certainly might NOT appear as a woman of faith
at later points, as Luke 2:48 and Mark 3:21-35 certainly subsequently showed?

And that the aorist participle in Heb. 4:3 can be taken as saying the
entry of any man into the Rest is guaranteed by the occurrence of
faith being exhibited at that crucial "snapshot" point somewhere back
in the past? Even though points of unbelief might later occur, as with
Mary, above?


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