TDNT (was Re: Jn 20:16; Did John Goof?)

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Date: Sun Apr 12 1998 - 19:33:25 EDT


>If I understand correctly, TDNT seems to be considered, (at least to
>some extent) "unworthy of one's interest or concern," because of what is
>perceived to be too great a reliance on etymology an not enough regard
>for context. I may be way off base here, but I have noticed that it is
>not regarded highly by scholars and if it's not too far off topic for
>B-Greek I, for one, would appreciate some discussion of its weaknesses
>and strengths.

I would suggest perhaps taking this on a case by case basis... Perhaps
there is a general trend of scholarly opinion against TDNT, but I have
found I quite useful upon occasions for suggesting possible exegetical
options. And, in my own limited experience, it has a *very* highly
contextual and Biblical-theological approach. I freely admit, however,
that my experience is extremely short, so perhaps unrepresentative of
TDNT-use in the broader scope. Therefore I would simply ask that it be
treated like any other secondary source -- neither exalted above its
measure, or neglected in its usefulness.


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